Go directly to jail, DO NOT Pass GO! According to the u, the West Virginia Department of Commerce says overpayments occur because people continue to claim unemployment benefits – even after finding a job. Sounds like fraud to me.

An investigation from the Legislative Auditor’s Office revealed that 30 people in the state’s regional jails and prisons were receiving unemployment benefits. In fact, 30 prisoners filed over 700 weeks of claims and received over $150,000 in benefits. One inmate received 135 weeks of benefits behind bars. Definitely a double-whammy for taxpayers – first they pay for criminals to be in prison, and then they pay inmates’ unemployment benefits!

West Virginia Code requires a person receiving unemployment benefits to be able to work and available for full-time work. Don’t you need a legitimate address to receive benefits from the government? Where’s the follow-up to see if people are really available?

The article states that the Unemployment Compensation Division is planning on doing a yearly cross-match with the Division of Corrections to weed out mistaken payments to inmates. Why is there only going to be a yearly check—aren’t employment checks distributed once a month and aren’t criminals arrested every day?

So the question of the day is…how often is too often to check that your tax dollars are being spent wisely?


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