This one comes from Massachusetts, where the weather is cool and crisp and the Medicaid payouts are as enticing as the salty sea air. According to The Boston Globe, 10 individuals—many of them doctors—were indicted this month for allegedly pilfering millions from taxpayer pockets.

In perhaps the largest case, Adlife Healthcare was charged with allegedly overbilling Medicaid more than $5.5 million. Defense lawyers argued that the prosecution was exploiting small accounting and paperwork issues, and that though she was billing for dead people, that shouldn’t be a surprise: “Is it supposed to be a shock that some of her clients pass away?”

Of course, the government itself doesn’t have a very good record when it comes to paying dead people, but at least the government doesn’t profit off it. There is some hope: last year, prosecutions in Massachusetts recovered more than $66 million.

So the question of the day is…wouldn’t it be better for the state to be more vigilant and invest in improved technology so that the state’s $10.4 billion MassHealth budget goes to those in need, rather than those exploiting the needy?

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