According to story from The Seattle Times, this fraudster has been cheating the system since he was a child. Anthony Fisher plead guilty with his wife for cheating the state out of more than a quarter million dollars in Social Security fraud. The “long-running” scheme began when his mother obtained a second Social Security number (SSN) for him when he was only 8 years old, claiming it was for a fictitious “Sonny Fisher.”

At 18, this fictitious “Sonny” applied for disability payments. Eighteen years and $200,000 later, “Sonny” was being investigated by the feds, but convinced his “neighbor” Roxanne to verify that he couldn’t work and couldn’t drive. Roxanne happened to be Anthony’s wife, who had racked up more than $60,000 in her own fraud.

After all of these years of fraud, fictitious “Sonny” won’t be going to jail – Anthony Fisher faced the charges and Anthony Fisher will do the time – up to five years, in fact – alongside his wife. The most surprising fact: Anthony’s done quite well for himself. He’s a used car salesman with a massive home. So much for not being able to drive…

The lesson here? States must be vigilant: people are going to take advantage of the system, even if they already have $430,000 estates. The best fraud defense is not to uncover fraud 29 years after the fake SSN was issued – but before people can take benefits away from those who need them most.

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