People are just so forgetful these days. It seems that no one can ever remember the number of people living in their homes. It’s easy to forget, especially when there are so many. According to Montgomery Media, three Pennsylvania women have been accused of receiving public housing assistance benefits for which they were not eligible.

All three of the allegedly women collected benefits by failing to report the people with whom they lived on their tax reports, as well as failing to disclose these individuals’ monetary contributions to the household. The three women are accused of separately collecting $37,813, $53,907, and $31,965. (Their individual amounts total $120K!) Authorities say they defrauded the government by failing to disclose the number of people in their households and their income.

Many individuals are realizing just how they can find ways around taxes and avenues into fraudulent benefits. If agencies want people to stop defrauding the government, they need to make it harder to do. Here’s how: require thorough reports on dependents and follow-ups on suspicious tax returns. These two practices alone could keep fraudsters from ripping off taxpayers.

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