It seems like the unemployment office can be a real zoo. With the New York State Comptroller’s Office stopping $90,000 in unemployment checks (being sent to people on vacation…erm…what?), it seems that the animals are clawing at their cages. According to the Watertown Daily Times, the state Department of Labor also discovered payments about to be doled out to individuals who live overseas. (Bangs head against keyboard.)

The monkeying around doesn’t stop there. Because many of the payments were made overseas, recovering the funds will not be easy. One of the requirements of unemployment benefits eligibility is that the person must be able and ready to work. Hanging out on a beach in the Caribbean doesn’t exactly count as ‘ready to work’.

Apparently it’s not just jet setters that are scamming the system: 91 recently hired state workers owe the state $105,000 for receiving unemployment benefits, as well as a paycheck from the state.

Yes, the biggest issue here is that fraud is being committed at all; but seeing as the world is a flawed and cynical place (or is that just me?) we need to be more careful. If we want to clean up the unemployment fraud issues, we need to organize our information and streamline it in a way that we can keep track of it all.

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