Oh, the art of multitasking – a talent many wish to perfect!  People who are the masters of multitasking are able to work, clean the house, run errands, walk the dog, schedule appointments and make dinner all in one day.   The art of multitasking has caught on in many fields, from business to sports to fraud.  Yes, fraud.  If the charges in today’s Fraud of the Day from the New York Post are true, one couple may have to work on their multitasking fraud techniques.

While many mothers are known for their skills in multitasking for work, daily house rituals, social time, and taking care of kids, one New York mother may have found another area to utilize her multitasking talent – fraud.  The defendant recently did a stint in jail for scamming $2 million in a “bogus ‘Hope for Disabled Kids’ car-donation charity.”  (Fresh out of jail and already back at it?)  So what has the woman under investigation allegedly done now?

Prosecutors claim that she and her husband fraudulently collected Medicaid and food stamps programs while she was running the car donation scam.  The defendants argue that they were in need of assistance and needed Medicaid to pay $185,000 in family doctor bills – a product of a kidney transplant from herself to her husband.  (I’m not going to even go there…)  Investigators found that the woman and her husband each received administrative salaries during the time in which she ran the car-donation scheme.  The court noted the woman has yet to pay back any of the money she was convicted of stealing.  (Ok, so she gets out jail and allegedly starts to commit fraud again. And you’re surprised she hasn’t paid back any of the previous theft?!)  

The couple, parents to a 10, 12 and 14 year old, pleaded not guilty to the welfare and grand larceny charges and will return to court in mid-December.  (Setting a good example for the kids…)  They are currently being held in jail in lieu of bail.

Some people just aren’t cut out for multitasking.  I guess the larger question is:  how much multitasking can the authorities who investigate fraud handle?

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