Have you ever seen the blind dating games, where a lucky individual has the choice between three possible dates, hidden behind some curtain or other structure?  The point is to choose a date based on responses to questions, as opposed to looks.  Wouldn’t it be interesting to have a fraud spin off of this game?  Today’s Fraud of the Day in the Woub News, might offer a number of options and could make for quite a nail-biting decision.

Let’s introduce our two fraudulent stars.  Meet fraudster number one – he is the proud owner and operator of his very own business.  During his spare time, he likes to collect temporary total and living maintenance compensation.(Keep in mind, not everyone has the same interest in hobbies – some prefer legal activities like playing sports or reading.) Unfortunately for fraudster number one, he is committing a misdemeanor count of workers’ compensation fraud.  Let’s move on to candidate number two, shall we?  Fraudster number two is employed as a bus driver for an Ohio county school system.  When he is not driving his bus, he is busy collecting temporary total disability compensation from the federal government. (It appears fraudster number two always has something to keep him occupied.)  Given the above options, which fraudster would you pick to send on a date to jail?

According to investigations by the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) Special Investigations Department (SID) both of these candidates were lucky enough to be selected for a jail sentence and an order to pay restitution as well as investigative and court costs. (Wow, I have never seen a game where both opponents win!)  The BWC released a statement noting that its investigative efforts have lead to the successful conviction of 12 workers guilty of workers’ compensation fraud in January 2013.

I can just picture it now – the bus driver and the business owner riding on the county prison bus to jail singing:  “The wheels on the bus lead straight to fraud, then to court, then to jail…”  What a lucky pair of winners.

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