Everyone has at least one hobby they are particularly fond of.  Whether you enjoy attending film festivals, playing sports or lounging on your boat, there’s something out there to engage everyone. According to The Kansas City Star, one Missouri man found his hobbies to be too much, as he racked up a large amount of fraud while juggling his favorite pastimes.

For nearly 15 years, one Kansas City fraudster lived the life of fun, enjoying hobbies such as bowling, golfing, horse-shoes and boating at his lake house.  (Well, it’s not like any of these hobbies requires physical strength or ability.) He worked as a full-time loan officer in a mortgage business, finding a way to juggle free time and work.  As if juggling his lifestyle wasn’t hard enough, the man claimed to suffer from a disability that impeded him from performing substantial work. (He can act, he can steal, he can have fun with his money – we have ourselves a modern day renaissance fraudster.)

Although the fraud stint lasted a decade and a half, the life of luxury came to a crashing halt with a conviction of two counts of theft of government money, one count of Social Security disability fraud, one count of mail fraud and one count of transmitting a false negotiable instrument with the intent to defraud the government.  (He’s got just about as many charges as he does hobbies.)The fraudster racked up $212,768 between the years 1994 and 2010, making him eligible for a maximum sentence of up to 61 years in prison.  When the government asked him to pay back the disability payments, the man tried to pay with a false money order on a supposedly secret trust account with the U.S. Treasury.  The government stated that this type of payment has no merit. (Go figure – he defrauds the government, then tries to pay with something he doesn’t have.)

This active life style may have proved to be a too much for the loan officer.  He will be trading boats and lake house fun for a lovely new jail cell and structured activities in the jailhouse courtyard.  Perhaps he will start a prison activities planning committee with all his spare time.

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