Remember college?  For most, this is the time of life to figure out who you are as a person, make new friends, experience new things and – most importantly – to be subject to identity and tax refund fraud.  Okay, everyone doesn’t become subject to fraud, but according to an article in the Arkansas State University Herald, one college student is now dealing with this unfortunate life experience.

The article reports that one college sophomore received a phone call from her mother inquiring if she had tried filing her taxes; her response, a simple, “No, ma’am.”  Panic ensued as the mother explained there was a problem.  The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) had denied her refund application – the one she never filed.  The sophomore received documents from the IRS revealing the attempt at identity fraud, and providing instructions on how to handle matters from there. (This is a great example of how the IRS is trying to help victims of identity and tax refund fraud.)

The student found that 187 employees of the college were victims of the same scam. (Well, isn’t that one big coincidence?)A college representative made a statement saying, “We are not convinced that this situation [the student’s fraud] has any relation with the faculty tax fraud.”  The student has encouraged her peers to find out if they have become victims of tax fraud.  The young victim put it best by saying, “What is going to happen is going to happen.  Hopefully by the end of this somebody will be brought to justice.”

College isn’t always fun and games.  If we think with the mind of a fraudster, it’s a prime location to mine for identities to use for tax refund and other government benefits fraud.  Here’s hoping that the student is right and “somebody will be brought to justice” and then sent to jail.

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