Did you ever send your children to daycare?  Were you apprehensive about the process?  Putting your children in the hands of another person can certainly create some anxiety.  According to a Courier-Journal article, some parents may be thinking twice about daycare now that one the owners of a Kentucky daycare has been put in time-out for fraud.

Let’s think of “time-out” more as jail time in this situation.  For one Kentucky daycare owner, the thought of time-out is now more unpleasant than ever, as she finds herself on the receiving end it.  The fraudster sobbed to the court explaining:  “I’m so very sorry for what I did.”  The judge wasn’t buying it and responded:  “I don’t think you are remorseful… I think you deserve to go to the penitentiary for 10 years, and that’s where I’m going to send you.” (Ouch – it’s almost like a parent sending you to your room for the whole night, but much worse.) But, what did the daycare owner do to deserve such a heavy sentence?  She was just in the business to help look after kids, right? (Aren’t they all sorry when they are facing the repercussions of their actions?)

Wrong, so very wrong.  Investigators discovered the fraudster billed the state for more than 100 children at one of her facilities with a maximum capacity of 29 and inflated the amount of days some of those children were at the facility.  In a separate incident, the owner was responsible for shutting down three of her centers after an employee crashed a company van while speeding, injuring 12 people and causing her own death. (You think your kids are monitored, but it’s situations like these that make you do a double take.) The fraudster made a plea agreement for 10 years in prison and $200,000 in restitution – even though the actual amount of money she stole was estimated to be $205,154.13.  Although she provided tearful remarks, the judge found her disregard for the law caused the community to suffer.  She will be eligible for probation in nearly a months’ time; if that is denied, she will have to serve two years before being eligible for parole. (Clearly she didn’t think of any of this before submitting false reports to the government for money.)

This is one babysitter that you would probably remove from your go-to list.  Maybe just stick with the neighbor’s kid down the street for now.

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