We’ve all seen or heard of the popular game show “The Price is Right.”  This daytime show, famous for the big spinning wheel and the phrase “come on down,” is now a large reason why one fraudster in North Carolina may face prison time.  You might be thinking to yourself, can you go to jail for overbidding on the game?  To answer the question, no, you cannot.  However, according to an article in AOL Jobs, you can go to jail for lying about an injury to receive workers’ compensation benefits.  But how do the two tango?

Faking sick is one thing – we’ve all made the infamous call at least once for a day off.  However, faking an injury to receive disability is a whole different ball game.  A North Carolina postal worker learned this the hard way, when her appearance on “The Price is Right” resulted in a Department of Labor investigation of the woman’s previous injury claims.    The woman, suffering from an alleged shoulder injury that prevented her from completing necessary tasks of her job, took two big spins on the wheel. (She was using her core, not her upper body strength!) Less like a game of chance to guess the right price, and more like a game of chance to land in jail, the woman opened doors to an investigation into her daily life.

According to the article, a private investigator experienced in catching workers’ compensation criminals estimated that 30 percent of workers’ compensation claims in North Carolina are fraudulent.  The Bureau of Labor Statics reveals that 1.80 percent of payroll in 2012 was spent on such claims.  The investigators in this case reviewed the fraudster’s TV debut in 2009, as well as her social media accounts, where they found pictures of her participating in zip-lining on a vacation – a rigorous activity that would have been unmanageable had she really suffered from a shoulder injury.  (That’s troubling.) As a result, the investigators called into question the woman’s disability claim indicating that her injury did not allow her to “stand, sit, kneel, squat, climb, bend, reach or grasp.”

On the game show in 2009, she actually won trips to Palm Springs and Santa Barbara.  I wonder what she will think if she is sent to jail?  Maybe we could send her to one in a tropical location with extracurricular activities.

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