Some people are natural at handling children, never struggling to find a solution to a temper tantrum. Whether faced with one little angel or a room of wild children, they have the ability to control any situation.  But, how do we know when we’ve reached one kid too many?  Let’s say for example, at a daycare:  what is the acceptable maximum that an adult can care for?  According to a 10TV article, one daycare owner found one child to be quite enough.

Watchdog 10, an investigative series led by Ohio’s 10TV was the leading force in helping to bring down an Ohio daycare owner responsible for taking nearly $100,000 from the state government.  The fraudster pleaded guilty to one count of felony theft and two counts of felony forgery in connection with her daycare scheme. (She must be running a daycare stocked with children to be bringing in that kind of assistance.) The Franklin County police started their investigation on the woman after the Watchdog 10 series discovered she had only taken care of one child in her daycare for a matter of weeks – a red flag for officials once they discovered the large amount of state-provided assistance the daycare owner had received.  

While the fraudster claimed to be providing childcare services to multiple children, the State of Ohio provided subsidized payments through the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services.  Court documents reveal the fraudster took nearly $100,000 of those subsidized payments in the year prior to her investigation.  But were the funds warranted?  In the fall of 2011, her in home daycare provided care for one child in a matter of weeks, a time where the fraudster continued to provide false information about her services to the state, charging for thousands of bogus dollars.  The prosecutor on the case commented, “That’s an egregious offense for the state and the community.”  A judge sentenced the fraudster to 60 days in jail, followed by repayment of more than $13,000 to the state of Ohio. (And, what about the other $87,000?  Just pocket change?)

Is it me, or does this punishment seem a little short of the crime?  She stole over $100,000 from the state:  60 days and $13,000 – really?

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