Have you ever heard the thunderous roar of an Alabama crowd screaming:  “Roll tide, roll?”  If you’re not a football fan, it’s safe to say the University of Alabama has one of the finest football programs in the nation.  Beyond the field, fans gather decked in red and full of pride, defending their mascot “Big Al” and cheering their team to victory.  The Alabama football team isn’t the only southern force rolling opponents.  Rather, Alabama officials have pumped their efforts to roll tide on fraud.  According to an article in All Alabama, the crimson tide of fraud crackdown has taken down 12 criminals, state-wide.

Let’s flip on the game and bring our team to the field:  the men and women on the frontlines of tackling fraud.  The State of Alabama is not shy to football, nor are they shy to the rise in unemployment fraud. (Let’s get our A-team in the game now; fraud is rearing its head and we need to show them who will win!)  In efforts to crack down on the spike in unemployment fraud cases, officials have successfully investigated and sentenced 12 individuals state-wide for their participation in unemployment fraud. (Roll tide, roll, on fraud.) The Alabama Department of Labor issued a statement, explaining:  “We at the Department of Labor want people to know that we are aggressively pursuing cases of unemployment compensation fraud.” (Be aggressive! B-E  A-G-G-R-E-S-S-I-V-E!)

The criminals convicted of the unemployment fraud were brought in on making false claims for benefits. In total, the investigative efforts revealed $58,508 stolen between the 12 Alabamians.  Judges have sentenced the fraudsters to pay full restitution, and either jail time or hard labor depending upon the situation of the respective fraud.  The Department of Labor Commissioner stated:  “Especially in these economic times, we want to make sure that all who are entitled to benefits receive them.  But at the same time, we will not allow those who deliberately try to defraud the system to go unpunished.” (Touchdown State of Alabama!)

It looks like the fraudsters will be sitting the bench in prison for a little while. Take a victory lap, Alabama state officials.  You deserve to celebrate the success from your hard work.

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