Sisters have a special bond.  They are often friends and confidantes and share many things throughout life including parents, clothes, shoes, secrets and an occasional argument.  The Montgomery Advertiser details a court case regarding two sisters who shared a love for fraud.  Their greed ultimately resulted in a million-dollar identity theft tax fraud scheme and, subsequently, two prison terms.

The article states that a Montgomery woman used stolen identities obtained from a co-conspirator with access to Alabama state databases.  The co-conspirator used her own state email address to send the identification information to the ring leader. (I bet investigators found that to be a useful paper trail.) The stolen identities were then used to file more than 1,000 false tax returns worth more than $1.7 million, over a two and a half year period of time.  As part of the elaborate money laundering scheme, the woman recruited her sister to acquire personal information from multiple sources, assist with filing the fraudulent tax returns and to direct the tax refunds to prepaid debit cards.

The woman, who led the conspiracy, was sentenced to 12 years in prison.  Her sister was sentenced to two years for assisting with the money laundering scheme.

Sisters usually trust each other for guidance and good advice.  In this particular case, one sister led the other down the wrong path and now their joint crime has placed them in a life-altering predicament. Most likely, the duo who shared a special familial bond, is wishing they were actually out on bond awaiting a trial that didn’t end in conviction.  The sisters get to share a prison term, but probably not a jail cell.  No more shared secrets, late night talks or pillow fights for these two.

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