When running any type of business, it is important to hire employees that you trust.  You certainly wouldn’t want to employ anyone that would damage your corporate image or mishandle company resources for personal benefit.  Lex18.com reports on a Nicholasville daycare center that regrettably hired an employee, who embezzled thousands of dollars for personal gain.

The story states that the former assistant director was responsible for documenting financial transactions at the daycare center, including collecting money from parents and making bank deposits. The 55-year-old woman pleaded guilty to fraud and admitted that she fudged some facts in the company records to bury the crime.  A hearing is scheduled to determine exactly how much money the woman embezzled.  It is estimated by the Nicholasville Police Department that approximately $320,000 was taken from the child care center, which annually receives more than $10,000 in federal funding.  The fraudster is facing a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison. (Maybe she’ll think twice about cooking the books the next time.)

It is safe to assume that the daycare owner trusted the former employee to be loyal at one time, or she would not have been hired.  It’s hard to tell what drove the woman to take money that was not hers. Perhaps greed, desperation or bad judgment is to blame.  What is disconcerting is that the crime was committed at the expense of the children attending the center. (They didn’t get to benefit from the funds that could have provided better educational programs or resources.)  We trust that our judicial system will impose a fair sentence for this deceptive crime.

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