Ever thought about what your dream job would be? Do you want to be the boss? How about running your own company? Want to work out of your house instead of wasting several hours a day stuck in commuter traffic? What would you say about receiving a consistent paycheck without having to do any work at all? (That idea sounds great at first, but there must be a catch.) The Washington Times reports on some prisoners who, until now, had beat the system and collected a steady income – about $1 million from the Social Security Administration (SSA) – while incarcerated. (Not only are American taxpayers footing the bill to take care of the criminals while serving time, they are also getting hit with a double-whammy by providing disability benefits to these undeserving recipients.)

The article states that a recent report from the Office of the Inspector General (IG) of the SSA took a closer look at a sampling of 100 disability recipients and found that approximately 25 percent wrongfully received benefits while serving time. The report stated that the remaining 75 percent of the benefit recipients had their payments suspended.

It is estimated that the agency overpaid about $1 million to 440 beneficiaries in jail. The article states that the IG has recommended that the SSA look into recovering the inappropriate payments. (Good luck with that.)

Perhaps this would be a good time to cross reference the individuals in the SSA’s disability database against those who have a criminal record?

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