A manipulative person is one who likes to control or have power over another person or thing. You might also refer to a manipulator as scheming, devious or unscrupulous. The Website, SurfKY.com, details the story of a Brooklyn man who manipulated the numbers in his business accounting system to get away with tax evasion.

The story reports that the man was the president and owner of a wholesale distributor of sportswear and tee shirts located in New Jersey. Between 2006 and 2008, the man used his accounting software program to erase cash sales from the general ledger accounts maintained on his computer accounting system. Subsequently, he filed false corporate tax returns that underreported his company’s gross receipts by $1.5 million with the federal government. According to the article, he didn’t just “cook” the company books, but also his personal income tax returns. (If he got by with it at work, why not try it at home too?)

The former business owner was sentenced to one year and a day in prison for tax evasion. He will also be required to serve three years supervised release.

The fraudster was able to evade punishment for awhile, but as this case proves, criminals usually get what’s coming to them in the end. This criminal’s prison attire will most likely be different from the sportswear he used to sell and wear. Perhaps the warden will give him a choice between the all time fashionable orange jump suit and the two piece outfit with black and white stripes.

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