Some criminals just can’t help themselves. Once they start down the path towards a life of crime, it is often hard to turn back. The Sugar Land Sun reports on a Houston woman, who was already serving time for a prior conviction, but will now be adding on another prison sentence to her resume for cashing a deceased woman’s Social Security checks.

The article states that the 37-year-old woman used false Social Security numbers (SSN), including her own brother’s SSN, to open bank accounts at two different banks to facilitate a check-cashing scheme. A co-conspirator used these same bank accounts to cash some of her deceased mother’s Social Security benefits checks over an eight-year period. (No doubt the two fraudsters split the cash.)

The fraudster pleaded guilty to two counts of making false statements regarding a SSN and was sentenced to 33 months in federal prison followed by three years of supervised release. She also was ordered to pay $177,694 in restitution. (They’ll have a snowball’s chance in Hades of collecting that amount.) The co-conspirator pleaded guilty to similar charges and will serve one year and one day in prison.

It turns out the woman, who set up the bank accounts, was already serving time in a state prison for forgery and possession of a controlled substance. Apparently, she requested that both sentences run concurrently. (She’s quite the comedian.) However, the judge denied her request. (Way to go judge!) She will transfer to a federal prison after the completion of her state sentence.

It looks like this repeat offender will be receiving a repeat prison sentence. Hopefully, the two sentences will be enough to convince her to choose a legitimate path in life – one that does not involve fraud.

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