ACFE’s International Fraud Awareness Week

LexisNexis is proud to be a supporter of ACFE’s International Fraud Awareness Week, November 11 – 17.  International Fraud Awareness Week, is helping to raise awareness and to educate the fraud prevention community about the resources, tools and best practices available to stop fraud.

At LexisNexis, we view Fraud of the Day as an important educational resource for government officials to learn how fraudsters are scamming the government, so they can be knowledgeable about fraudsters’ techniques and be better prepared to prevent them from succeeding.   That’s really what International Fraud Awareness Week is all about – fostering an opportunity for fraud prevention experts to learn what works and what doesn’t in the fight against fraud.  And, winning that fight begins with talking about the challenges faced by the fraud prevention community.

As part of our participation in International Fraud Awareness Week, Fraud of the Day contributor Larry Benson wrote a guest blog on ACFE Insights. On Thursday Larry was joined by other co-contributors Andy Bucholz and Ron Rigores and they hosted a live Twitter chat.

Read Larry’s Blog post: Identity Fraud – Why the U.S. Will Continue to Suffer 

Read the Twitter conversation.  #AskaFraudExpert on Twitter

Additional resources from ACFE

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