Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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Homestead Exemption Fraud

Preventing Homestead Fraud in the Sunshine State

There are many financial benefits to having a homestead exemption on a property. In the state of Florida, property owners who declare a home to be their primary residence are eligible to receive a homestead exemption or deduction off a property's assessed value...

Property Problems

Owning property can be difficult; in most cases, you're required to maintain it. But, does anyone really check up on your property? According to a Miami Herald article, nearly 100 individuals have been cited for property problems, and we aren't talking about ugly flowers...

Homestead Exemption Haven

Most people only live in one house. Some people may have a vacation house, but generally one home is enough. But alas, not for the fraudsters of Florida, who never cease to amaze me. Today's ''Fraud of the Day'' from NorthEscambia.com, which reports that...

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