The State of Fraudia

Welcome to the State of Fraudia, the fictional and unofficial 51st state in the United States.  Here, domestic and international criminals steal millions from the government one fraudulent act at a time.  In this new land, people are constantly committing dishonest and misleading acts to take advantage of the government’s benefits and services.  Programs once set in place to assist those in need of financial assistance, such as unemployment, housing, cash assistance and food aid, are now losing the trust of the honest citizens that need them most.  It’s a scary place here, but it won’t be for long.  In the state capital of Dolus, hardworking government employees and an industry partner with new identity-based anti-fraud capabilities will soon be taking steps to halt these criminals in their tracks, saving the government and citizens of Fraudia millions, and restoring the public’s faith in these crucial government programs.  Take a moment to explore this new land and learn how organized criminal groups and individuals are committing fraud – and what the government is doing to stop them.  And, ask yourself:  are these problems – and the solutions – available in my state?

interior_domeDolus is the state capital of Fraudia.  Executive and legislative leaders know that in these tough economic times, Fraudia needs every penny to operate efficiently and serve its taxpayers.  Unfortunately, the state has lost a lot of funds in recent years due to individuals and organized criminal elements defrauding its government benefits programs and services – something that has become easier to do, as it has become more common for people to apply for these programs and services online.

Government executives and employees are hard at work in the capital, planning to reverse this trend in the coming year.  Data and investigations have shown that much of the fraud being committed in Fraudia is identity-based, meaning people are stealing identities and pretending to be others to gain access to government funds.  Or, they are creating synthetic identities, using pieces of stolen identification information and making up the rest.  Working together with industry, Fraudia’s executives and employees plan to use public records and an identity-based approach to prevent, detect and stop the most common types of fraud in Fraudia.

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Say hello to the Deceit Family.  They may look like just your typical all-American family, but they’re so much more here in Fraudia.  Each one of them is contributing to fraudulent acts against government programs in one-way or another – no matter the age or even the species.

  • Chuck (the father)
    Chuck, the father, is an accountant and tax preparer during tax season. He has a family to take care of, and in today’s rough economy it’s tough to keep afloat with only one parent working – but somehow he manages.
  • Donna (the mother)
    Donna, the mother, stays at home all day. With her daughter all grown up and her son off to college, she tries to keep busy by cleaning the house and paying bills. She used to work long before she had a family to take care of, but has since gotten used to the stay-at-home lifestyle and wants to avoid going back to an office setting.
  • Chris (the son)
    Chris is the family’s 20-year old son. He is in his second year of college and loving the freedom it provides him. Money’s always tight for a college student, but Chris doesn’t want to give up his free time hanging out with friends to get a job.
  • Sally (the daughter)
    Sally is the family’s 29 year old daughter. She’s always been an overachiever and even completed medical school by the time she was 26. She’s out of the house now and supporting her own lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean she’s lost any of her familial ties to her fraudster family.
  • Buddy and Lucky (the dog and cat)
    While this dynamic duo really has no idea what the rest of their family is doing in terms of defrauding the government, they sure are enjoying the extra toys and treats that come as a result. But they’re not completely innocent themselves – they’ve done their fair share of committing fraudulent acts against their owners. Buddy frequently pretends he needs to go outside, only to come right back in to get a treat. And Lucky’s no better. She often gets into the trash, blames it on the dog, and sits back and watches as she’s later proclaimed the better pet.

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fotd-blog-185x125-crime-familyMeet the Humbug Gang, the most powerful organized crime group in Fraudia.  These 152 members work together from all aspects of society to pull off elaborate fraud schemes and steal millions from the government in benefit funds.  Members include state employees, regular citizens, the unemployed, inmates and even non-US citizens overseas.  While not all members participate in every scheme, they are all readily available to help out whenever needed, taking advantage of their position in society.

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(i) The photos used in these materials are for illustrative purposes only and any person depicted in the photos is a model.