Friday, February 23, 2018

Fraudsters Scam Community Colleges and Feds out of Student Aid

Remember the days when students applied to college, filled out a hard copy of their student loan application and sent it in by mail? Those days are long gone, but students still need financial aid. The difference is that today they apply for it...

The Homeless and Dead Apply for Student Aid

The Grand Rapids Press reports that Raymond Coleman allegedly obtained personal information of homeless people by falsely claiming to represent an agency that helps the homeless. He is accused of then using that information to apply for federal student loan assistance. The article also...

Ex-inmate Sentenced for Student Loan Fraud

According to the article, Michelle Owens—an ex-inmate from the South Carolina Correctional Institution—used her prison job in the educational office to gather other inmates' personal information. She then used that information to apply to be a student at Webster University, where she...
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