Saturday, July 21, 2018

Family Enterprise

According to Entrepreneur Magazine, family businesses experience success when there is unity among family members, a mission that goes beyond financial gain, a vision, and a plan for the next generation. A woman from Grand Rapids, Michigan was the matriarch of a family tax...

Turning Property Fraud Cases into Newly Found Revenue for Your Jurisdiction

State and local governments depend on revenue from property tax collection to provide many vital community services such as education, public works, public safety and social services. While most citizens are responsible and pay their taxes, there are others who don’t pay their fair share. When fraudsters evade tax and revenue departments by inaccurately reporting property values or usage, not filing taxes or engaging in other fraudulent activities, the result causes lost revenue and back taxes totaling millions of dollars.

Pawning off the Kids

There are some parents who pawn their kids off to other relatives or friends to watch and take care of them as often as possible. Perhaps this is fun for grandparents who love to have their grandchildren visit on a regular basis, but today’s...

Crystal Ball

Today’s “Fraud of the Day” is based on an article entitled, “Hermosa Beach ‘Psychic’ Sentenced For Tax Fraud,” posted on A Hermosa Beach man who is a self-proclaimed psychic was sentenced to six years in federal prison and his wife received two years behind bars for a filing fraudulent tax returns and passing bad checks in an effort to pay of their debts.

Waiting by the Mailbox

The old school method for receiving tax refunds used to involve waiting patiently for the mailman to drop it off in the mailbox. Today, the most efficient and safe way to receive a tax refund is via a direct deposit into your bank account....

Playing with Dynamite

TNT, another word for dynamite, is a chemical compound used mainly for demolition purposes and mining. A Danville, Virginia man, who named one of his two tax businesses using the same three letters, committed tax refund fraud which ignited the federal government’s determination to...

Swept Under the Rug

When new business owners set up their companies, it’s no secret that they must pay taxes to Uncle Sam. Depending upon the type of company established, businesses must pay income tax, estimated taxes, self-employment (if the company owner works for themselves), employment taxes, and...

Reaping All the Benefits

The owner of a landmark Lake Norman restaurant was sentenced to eight months in prison followed by eight months of confinement in his Mooresville home for attempted tax evasion. Peter Gjuraj, 49, owner of the Blue Parrot Grill on N.C. 150 West in Mooresville, admitted to hiding about $2.8 million in income and filing false returns.

Five Star Rating

The five star rating system is used across many industries to signify something is exceptional. We tend to think of a five star hotel as one that is posh and pricey. A five star rating on Amazon means that customers are satisfied with a...

In Hot Water

A former resident of Pagosa Springs, Colorado is in some seriously hot water. (And, I’m not talking about the world’s deepest geothermal hot spring located there.)  Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Criminal Investigation agents effectively sunk today’s fraudster’s tax fraud scheme after they discovered he...

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