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Unemployment Insurance Fraud

States Take on Welfare Fraud – with Huge Returns

With unemployment still sky-high and states reeling from reduced revenues, they're getting more insistent – and oftentimes smarter – about cracking down on welfare fraud. In San Diego County, investigators are visiting homes of welfare recipients to verify eligibility – saving a total of $4.5...

Colorado Tries to Recoup the $305 Million They Paid in Excess Jobless Claims

Newsmax reports that ''Colorado is working to recover the whopping $305 million in improper payments it made from the state's Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund, primarily to unemployment claimants — from 2008 through 2010.'' According to the article, the problem first came to Colorado's attention in...

Coaching Benefit Applicants to Quit Jobs to Receive Benefits

Sometimes unemployment really is all it's cracked up to be. The reports that the Morris County Office of Temporary Assistance in New Jersey has been ''allegedly giving handouts to people who don't need assistance.'' The two anonymous sources that the

Missouri Businessman with Significant Income Charged with Unemployment Fraud

It's not easy being in the fraud business today; apparently, there are tabs to run up in bars by fraudsters – those have to be paid! There are checks to cash and then there are the fraudsters' vacations to Costa Rica – which...

West Virginia Mistakenly Pays Millions in Unemployment Benefits

Go directly to jail, DO NOT Pass GO! According to the u, the West Virginia Department of Commerce says overpayments occur because people continue to claim unemployment benefits – even after finding a job. Sounds like fraud to me. An investigation from...

Big Government: In Jail and Getting Unemployment? Yep.

The Big Government Blog article states that, ''According to an official in the Department of Workforce Development (DWD) about 75-135 jailed individuals receive unemployment insurance on a monthly basis.'' It also mentions that the DWD Deputy Administrator Andrea Reid deemed about half of...

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