Sunday, February 17, 2019

Read the Fine Print

 The State of California’s Department of Industrial Relations has a comprehensive Guidebook for Injured Workers posted on its website. (Just about every question an injured worker may have about workers’ compensation is addressed here. And, there’s even a Spanish version too.) A man from...

Pulling the Wool Over Your Eyes

Judges during the early history of the United States used to wear powdered wigs made of wool, mirroring their counterparts in British courts. When an unscrupulous individual was said to be “pulling the wool over someone’s eyes” in court, it meant that they were...


Incentivizing is all about getting as much out of a mutually beneficial relationship as possible. Parents can incentivize children to make good grades by dangling the proverbial carrot of $20 for every “A” they make. Employers can promise an extra day off or provide...

What a Dumbbell

 One would think that someone with a back injury receiving workers’ compensation benefits would be smart enough not to go to the gym and lift heavy weights. A former Sheriff’s deputy from San Diego, California, who claimed he was unable to work due to...

Milking the System

Dairy farming was previously done on a small scale by farmers who rose before the sun to trudge to the barn where they milked their cows by hand. The milking process, which happens several times a day, became much easier once the milking machine...


“Spineless” is a term that could be used to describe today’s fraudster, who was the owner of a Long Beach, California hospital. He used seven accomplices to do his dirty work in a massive $600 million workers’ compensation fraud scheme involving fraudulent bills submitted...

Evading Everything

Fraudsters tend to think they should receive a special exemption when it comes to paying taxes. Today’s “Fraud of the Day” reveals a Southern California businessman who evaded millions of dollars in personal and business-related taxes owed. His tax evasion tactics led to a...


Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones and Orange County District Attorney (OCDA) Tony Rackauckas announced a shutdown of a $40 million fraudulent medical billing and kickback operation with the filing of charges against more than two dozen doctors, pharmacists and business owners.

Endangering Justice

A former California Highway Patrol officer who injured his back while on duty has pleaded no contest to felony workers’ compensation insurance fraud. Brian Christopher Hansen was sentenced to 180 days in Sacramento County Jail and five years formal probation.

Trust, But Verify

Today’s “Fraud of the Day” is based on a press release entitled, “Salinas woman guilty of welfare fraud,” published by The Californian. A Salinas woman defrauded $3,811 from the Monterey County Department of Social Services by using personal documents of a neighbor who was deported.
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