Tuesday, March 31, 2020

What’s Trending in Fraud

Lately popular media has been concerned with ''what's trending,'' meaning what's popular. While you personally may track what's trending in sports, music or politics, individuals fighting fraud are paying attention to what's trending in fraud. Today's Fraud of the Day from WestportNews.com highlights a...

Paying Debts

Debt can be crushing. Mortgage owners can easily get behind on monthly payments when an anticipated job promotion doesn't come through or a surprise company-wide layoff occurs. Graduates trying to pay back their school loans can also get behind just trying to navigate the...

From Beans to a Billion Behind Bars

We always hear crazy stories about how people landed in prison. Take one New York resident, for example, who was imprisoned first at the age of 18 and sentenced for possession of stolen property. So what exactly did this young man steal? A truck...
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