Saturday, October 24, 2020

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures – or Costumes

Here's the thing about government benefits programs – you have to be eligible to receive them. For example, if an application asks you to list the number of people living at an address that are providing you with income (and most of them do),...

Your Refund’s Not in Kansas Anymore

What did you spend your tax refund on? Some are funding vacations, others new investments like boats and ski-dos – still more are applying them to bills, or to their children's college funds. But in Overland Park, Kansas – and in other places across...

Kansas Cracks Down on Food Stamp Fraud

What would you do if you realized someone was stealing from you? You'd do something – take some action: get the police involved to catch the thief and hopefully recover what was stolen. You would expect accountability. That is what's happening in Kansas. The...
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