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Multiple Fraud and Other Offenses

Just Trying to Survive

In 2015, the average Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) recipient collected about $127 per month in benefits. (That adds up to about $4.23 per day or $1.41 per meal.) An Ohio woman, who had four grandchildren to take care of, bilked the program run by...

100% Fraudster

This article is a Milwaukee man who showed up for a Veterans Affairs appointment in a wheelchair and told officials he could only walk a few steps due to severe back pain. But as he left, according to federal prosecutors, the man walked across the Zablocki Veterans Affairs Medical Center parking lot with a normal gait, without using a cane or the chair, which he folded up and put in his van.

Risky Business

Today’s “Fraud of the Day” is based on an article entitled, “Alexandria Business Owner Pleads Guilty To Medicaid Fraud” published by Old Town Alexandria Patch.

Taking Eligibility Too Far

A woman from Fredericksburg, Virginia was sentenced to two years in prison after she was convicted of fraud. Government officials said she made $246,000 in fraudulent Medicaid, SSI and SNAP claims from 2011 to 2015.

One Big, Hot Mess

A man from Eureka, Missouri was trying to fake it until he could make it. Although he had absolutely no business working in the medical profession, he used bogus nursing credentials to get jobs at three St. Louis area health facilities. When all was...

Fraud Awareness Week: Success in Ohio

When the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) created its Special Investigations Department (SID) in 1993, investigative professionals in the new department knew they would need to do more than detect, identify and investigate suspected workers’ compensation fraud. To fully meet the department’s mandate...

There are many reasons why someone becomes an impersonator. For example, celebrity impersonators make fun of the personal lives of famous or political figures to make us laugh and keep us entertained. Others impersonate political or military figures to act as a decoy so...

Welfare Woes

Sometimes people must find out the hard way that’s it’s better to tell the truth than to lie. A Yakima, Wash., woman, who is charged with theft and multiple counts of making false statements to welfare officials over five years, is the focus of...

Diet of Greed

There are so many diets available that it 's hard to determine which one might work the best. Some are low carb, high protein, raw food, or vegetarian in nature. An Arkansas woman signed herself up for a diet of greed and stole more...

Family Loyalty

In some families, loyalty runs deep ,so deep that members are willing to risk committing crimes to remain a part of the family unit. One man 's family loyalty caused him to commit multiple types of fraud, including the creation of a fraudulent passport...
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