Monday, December 17, 2018

She’s Not Smiling Anymore

Dentists specialize in smiles. (They can turn a frown upside down with a variety of options that usually cost a lot of money and are not covered by your dental insurance plan.) A Cordova, Tennessee dentist who owned two dental practices made a lot...

Reaping All the Benefits

The owner of a landmark Lake Norman restaurant was sentenced to eight months in prison followed by eight months of confinement in his Mooresville home for attempted tax evasion. Peter Gjuraj, 49, owner of the Blue Parrot Grill on N.C. 150 West in Mooresville, admitted to hiding about $2.8 million in income and filing false returns.

Turning Property Fraud Cases into Newly Found Revenue for Your Jurisdiction

State and local governments depend on revenue from property tax collection to provide many vital community services such as education, public works, public safety and social services. While most citizens are responsible and pay their taxes, there are others who don’t pay their fair share. When fraudsters evade tax and revenue departments by inaccurately reporting property values or usage, not filing taxes or engaging in other fraudulent activities, the result causes lost revenue and back taxes totaling millions of dollars.

Bamboozled by Embezzlement

Embezzlement occurs when someone in a position of trust, such as an employee in charge of financial matters, uses an organization's assets for their own personal benefit. (Small organizations are often bamboozled by embezzlement because it is sometimes difficult to detect in smaller organizations...

Crystal Ball

Today’s “Fraud of the Day” is based on an article entitled, “Hermosa Beach ‘Psychic’ Sentenced For Tax Fraud,” posted on A Hermosa Beach man who is a self-proclaimed psychic was sentenced to six years in federal prison and his wife received two years behind bars for a filing fraudulent tax returns and passing bad checks in an effort to pay of their debts.

In Hot Water

A former resident of Pagosa Springs, Colorado is in some seriously hot water. (And, I’m not talking about the world’s deepest geothermal hot spring located there.)  Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Criminal Investigation agents effectively sunk today’s fraudster’s tax fraud scheme after they discovered he...

The Taxman Cometh

Listen to this Story There are a variety of reasons why an employer may not pay employment taxes. One may be that the company uses the government as a bank and borrows the money with the intention of paying...


Benjamin Franklin once said that the only things certain in life are death and taxes. He forgot to add one more certainty - if caught stealing money from the U.S. government, a prison sentence is sure to follow. Today's ''Fraud of the...

Seeking Shelter

Just as a properly built shelter provides a place of rest and relief from outdoor elements, a tax shelter can provide relief from the amount of income tax owed. (Who wouldn't like to be relieved of owing money to Uncle Sam?) An article published...

Finding the Truth in Fiction

Fiction often has an element of truth to it, but isn't quite accurate when compared to reality. (Fictional persons, places or things can be used to hide the truth, throwing those seeking justice off base.) A Department of Justice press release tells about a...

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