Tuesday, August 11, 2020

A Taxing Pyramid Scheme

Whenever you think of a pyramid scheme, you tend to think about product gimmicks out to take advantage of the not-so-savvy consumer – eventually reeling them in to sell the product themselves. Well here's a new one. Now pyramid schemes are going so far...

Just Another Day at the Supermarket

Ok – you've got your grocery list in-check and have finally made time for the trip to the supermarket. The question is? where are you going to buy groceries? You could opt for proximity – it is always a pain to drive further than...

Tax Refund Fraudster Sent to Prison and Ordered to Pay $3.4 Million in Restitution

Lots of taxpayers would love to drive a luxury car and own a fancy house in a nice neighborhood. Apart from winning the lottery, most people expect to work hard to acquire the ''good life.'? According to an article posted on ABC24.com, a Memphis,...
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