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Mayhem is a common law crime that is defined as an act of maliciously disabling or disfiguring a victim. As you might guess, it’s a very serious crime. (That’s why it is a felony.) A Los Angeles, California chiropractor recently pleaded guilty to workers’ compensation fraud, mayhem and unlawful patient referral. Read on to find out what happened. (I hate to say it, but it’s nowhere near as funny as the “Mayhem” insurance commercials you see on television. In fact, it’s not funny at all.)

Today’s fraudster is among 12 defendants who were part of a fraudulent billing scheme that caused insurance companies to lose tens of millions of dollars. False bills were submitted for fraudulent surgeries, prescription medications, bogus MRIs, falsified medical reports and office visits. Lawyers and marketers were paid up to $10,000 a month to illegally refer patients to take part in the scam, which included multiple medical providers.

Today’s article talks briefly about the 56-year-old chiropractor who pleaded guilty to taking part in the $150 million workers’ compensation fraud scheme. (He faces up to eight years in state prison when sentenced.) What is more intriguing about this case is an orthopedic surgeon who was supposed to perform the unneeded surgeries mentioned. (He’s currently a fugitive who was recently spotted in Beirut. Check out this article to learn more about this guy’s involvement in the scam, his international crime enterprise and his ex-girlfriend’s death.)

The unfortunate victims caught up in this scam thought they were going to be operated on by the orthopedic surgeon who is now on-the-run. In reality, the surgeries were actually performed by a physician’s assistant who never went to medical school. (That is extremely scary because she left about two dozen of her patients very scar-ry.) The orthopedic surgeon was not present in the operating room to assist, so mayhem ensued. (Those unfortunate patients were left with scars or the need for additional surgeries to repair original injuries.)

Other co-defendants convicted thus far include the physician’s assistant who was not qualified to perform the surgeries. (She is facing up to nine years in state prison.) The other 10 defendants are currently awaiting trial. Thanks to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Bureau of Investigation and the Organized Crime Division, further mayhem has been stopped. (Here’s hoping that the two fugitives on the run will be caught and prosecuted soon. That would be sweet revenge for the victims who have suffered irreparable damage.)

Today’s “Fraud of the Day” is based on an article entitled, “Granada Hills Chiropractor Pleads Guilty in $150 Million Workers’ Compensation Fraud Scheme,” posted on on December 7, 2018.

A Los Angeles chiropractor has pleaded guilty to taking part in a $150 million workers’ compensation fraud scheme.

Paul Turley of Granada Hills pleaded Monday to conspiracy to commit insurance fraud, mayhem, insurance fraud and unlawful patient referral.

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