Endangering Justice

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Police officers have a dangerous job when it comes to keeping citizens safe and secure. They must have patience, be physically fit, work irregular hours and sometimes travel long distances to complete their job responsibilities, just to name a few requirements. Today’s fraudster is a former California Highway Patrol (CHP) officer who committed workers’ compensation fraud after sustaining an on-the-job injury. Even though he claimed he was unable to work, he was able to do some of the things he claimed he could not.

The former CHP officer injured his back while on duty. He did seek medical treatment which approved his placement on a limited duty status. The article states that when the policeman returned to his workplace once approved for work, he watched training videos for four hours. Then he left and never came back. (He said it was too painful for him to sit for extended periods of time. That sounds better than being out on the streets with the bad guys.)

Three months after the police officer left the office with no intention of returning, an investigation was opened by CHP. Investigators performed surveillance that showed the supposedly injured man performing tasks that were in conflict with his injury claim. (He was performing the very activities he said he could not.)

After the former police officer was observed participating in outdoor activities and driving for hours without stopping, the CHP had a few medical experts take a look at the man’s medical reports and the surveillance videos. They determined that the man had definitely suffered an injury, but he overstated his symptoms, while understating his capabilities. (This had nothing to do with modesty.)

The fraudster pleaded “no contest” to workers’ compensation fraud. The Sacramento Superior Court Judge sentenced him to 180 days in the county jail followed by five years of probation. He is also prohibited from ever seeking or accepting employment as a law enforcement officer.

This man endangered justice by taking advantage of the system that is set up to protect the safety and security of citizens, as well as the program meant to provide support for workers who legitimately incur injuries while on-the-job. (Fortunately, the CHP recognized a fraudster when they saw one.) Meanwhile, justice has been served and this fraudster will no longer be serving the justice system.

Today’s “Fraud of the Day” is based on an article entitled, Former CHP officer pleads no contest to workers’ comp insurance fraud,” published in The Sacramento Bee on September 5, 2017.

A former California Highway Patrol officer who injured his back while on duty has pleaded no contest to felony workers’ compensation insurance fraud.

Brian Christopher Hansen entered the plea Aug. 29 and was sentenced by Sacramento Superior Court Judge Jaime Román to 180 days in Sacramento County Jail and five years formal probation, according to a Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office news release. He also is prohibited from ever seeking or accepting employment as a law enforcement officer.

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