What a Nightmare


Children aren’t the only ones that experience nightmares. Adults don’t usually fear that monsters live under their bed, but occasionally stressful situations can cause a fitful night of sleep. An article posted on KUSI.com tells how a registered nurse claimed that a nightmare experience caused a back injury. (Apparently, the bad dream also prevented her from working, allowing her to collect $300,000 in workers compensation benefits.)

The story states that the woman, who had only lived in California for a few months, originally applied for disability benefits through the state. Once she realized the most she could receive from the state was $4,515, she applied for workers’ compensation benefits instead. (She was an opportunist.)

The woman’s medical expenses were covered and she received $88,000 in benefits over the two-year period she claimed she was unable to work. Once all conservative medical care options had been applied, she had back surgery. Following surgery, the woman claimed she was worse than before. (Here’s where the story becomes more interesting.) The insurance company became suspicious and hired a private investigator to follow her around.

The woman was filmed on multiple occasions acting as if she had no injuries at all. However, her walker seemed to appear in situations when she had to go to a doctor’s appointment or attend a meeting regarding legal issues. She even testified at her deposition that she lived a reclusive life in her parents’ home, had to use her walker at all times, suffered from depression and was unable to date or have relationships because she was so groggy from all of the medication she had to take.

Following the deposition, the former nurse was captured on film with a man shopping, eating out, moving potted plants on her balcony, walking several hundred yards to attend a picnic and going to a movie. (Did I mention that the man in the video was her husband, whom she lived with? Oops.)

The 35-year-old was convicted of 12 felony counts including perjury and insurance fraud. She was sentenced to three years in custody followed by three years of mandatory supervision.

It’s quite possible that the woman did experience a nightmare that caused her to throw out her back, but at least she was able to wake up from the bad dream. Unfortunately for her, it looks like she will be living a nightmare for the next six years as she completes the sentence that has been awarded to her.

Source: Today’s ”Fraud of the Day” is based on an article entitled ”Nurse Sentenced in Fraud Case” posted on KUSI.com on November 25, 2014.

SAN DIEGO (CNS) – A registered nurse who bilked Sharp Healthcare out of more than $300,000 in workers’ compensation benefits was sentenced Tuesday to three years in custody followed by three years of mandatory supervision.

Golnaz Gholipour, 35, was convicted of a dozen felony counts, including perjury and insurance fraud.

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